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Kids room namesign

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Unleash the Imagination: Meet our kids' room namesign character

Introducing our captivating kids' room namesign character, a journey into the world of endless imagination and personalized charm, designed to elevate your child's room with a touch of magic.

These personalized name signs feature delightful characters and designs, ready to transform your child's room or wardrobe door into a portal of creativity and whimsy. Imagine adorning your child's personal space with these imaginative and artistic masterpieces, where their name shines brightly amidst a backdrop of wonder.

But here's where the enchantment truly blossoms – you can customize these designs with your child's name or any text, crafted with care and creativity, weaving a cherished piece that captures your child's unique story. Your child's name will become an integral part of their whimsical journey, making their space truly their own.

Our signs are crafted with precision, featuring two layers meticulously made from certified (FSC) Finnish plywood, adorned with a smooth black MDF fiberboard.

Each piece is thoughtfully designed in our Hirvihaara workshop, nestled amidst the serene beauty of Finland.

To make it truly your own, we'll provide you with an exclusive selection of font options. Choose your favorite, and let your child's room come alive with our kds' room namesign character, a charming companion in their world of dreams and endless possibilities, perfect for adding a touch of magic to kids' room decoration.

Kids room namesign
Kids room namesign Sale price€33,90