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Dino Wall Art

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Charming Wooden Animal Figures for Kids' Room Decor

Enhance your child's room with our delightful wooden animal figures, including the exciting Dino Wall Art, perfect for table decorations. These two-tiered signs are crafted from high-quality certified black MDF fiberboard, topped with FSC-certified Finnish plywood.

Explore the World of Dinosaurs with Dino Wall Art

Delight your little ones with our premium, durable wooden products like the Dino Wall Art, proudly made in Finland. Handcrafted and designed in our Hirvihaara facility, each piece uses only the finest Finnish wood.

Why Choose Our Dino Wall Art and Wooden Animal Figures?

  • High-Quality Materials: Certified black MDF fiberboard and FSC-certified Finnish plywood ensure lasting durability.
  • Handmade in Finland: Meticulously crafted in Hirvihaara with the highest standards of Finnish craftsmanship.
  • Perfect for Kids' Rooms: Add a playful and decorative touch to any child's space with our unique Dino Wall Art designs.

Discover Our Unique Wooden Decorations

Join the world of dinosaurs and elevate your home decor with our eco-friendly wooden animal figures, including the charming Dino Wall Art. Ideal for families who value quality and sustainability.

Dino taulu KEIKI
Dino Wall Art Sale price€35,00