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From nature to hearts with love♥

Keiki Concept Oy

We are a small family business, Keiki Concept Oy, whose founders are Anne and Selman. We are a Finnish-Turkish family, Anne's family is from Finland and Selman was born in Germany in a Turkish family. A little girl was born in our family in 2020 and we are also united by our love for animals; we are both horse people.

We founded the company Keiki Concept Oy in 2021, the company name Keiki is from the Hawaiian language and it means child in Finnish. We wanted the company name to have a purpose that describes our activities, after all, all our products are made for children.

We want 100% cotton clothes and accessories to be available for children. Muslin cotton is a very soft and high-quality material, so we have focused our products around it. In addition, we designed them to be timeless, so that the same products can be used for years, and we also want them to reflect Finnishness. The Keiki family's logos feature both the Finnish forest deer or Bambi and the northern dog breed Husky.

Turkey has perhaps the best textile materials in the world, so we wanted the production of clothes and accessories to also take place in Turkey, Selman's second home country. Our partner represents the same ethical values ​​as us, producing high-quality materials that are used in the clothes and accessories in our designs.

We have opened our company's online store in the fall of 2022 and we gladly accept ideas and feedback on this interesting entrepreneurial journey.

We expanded our operations in 2022 by bringing wood products made by Selman to our selection under the Keiki Wood brand. Our selection includes various interior design products, interior design products suitable for hobbies and, for example, corporate gifts.

All our Keiki-Wood products are manufactured at our premises in Hirvihaara, Mäntsälä by Selman. We invest in quality; Selman does very precise work and a good customer experience. Our products can currently be bought in our online store or picked up from us in Hirvihaara.

Let's support domesticity and local know-how!

Let's enjoy our life with our family, even the little moments are meaningful.

Anne and Selman