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Newborn birth sign - jumpsuit design

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Newborn birth sign jumpsuit design – A Stylish Way to Announce the Arrival of a New Family Member

The arrival of a new family member is an unforgettable moment, and celebrating it is of utmost importance. We offer stylish birth announcement plaques for jumpsuits, made from high-quality Finnish plywood, featuring the essential details of the baby, such as their name, date of birth, time, length, and weight. This is the perfect way to announce the arrival of your beloved family member into the world.

Quality from Finnish Wood

All our birth announcement plaques are carefully crafted from Finnish birch plywood. High-quality materials and precise design ensure that you receive the best possible product.

  • Produced in Hirvihaara Village, Finland
  • Made from high-quality Finnish birch plywood.
  • You can add the baby's name, time, date, length, and weight.
  • A joyful and stylish way to announce a new family member.

Celebrate the Arrival of a New Family Member

Order a stylish birth announcement plaque for your jumpsuit now and celebrate the arrival of your new family member in a unique way. This newborn birth sign also makes an excellent gift idea for new parents, one that will undoubtedly touch their hearts deeply.

Make the announcement of your baby's arrival in a stylish and high-quality manner. Choose your preferred design and customize the newborn birth sign according to your preferences. It's an ideal way to share the joyous moment with your family and friends.

Newborn birth sign - jumpsuit design
Newborn birth sign - jumpsuit design Sale price€29,90